Quality Computer Services of Alexandria MN

Service ItemsIf your computer is slow and sluggish or doesn't start you may have a virus, malware, or possibly a hardware problem. I can help you with any computer problem you have. I offer very fair pricing and friendly service. I've been serving the Alexandria MN area for more than 5 years and have helped hundreds of people with both businesses computer and networking and with their computers at home. I haven't run into a problem that I couldn't solve yet!

We offer both computer services and computer sales. It's common for computers to last a few years, then get slower as newer software demands more computing power. Computers also have a tendency to accumulate a lot of unneeded programs which also slows things down.

Please feel free to give me a call or send an email if you're looking for help with your computer. Even if you're simply wondering about what to do about upgrading or a small computer problem, I'd be happy to help!

steve sedesky of quality computer systems in alexandria mnSteve Sedesky – Quality Computer Systems of Alexandria MN. We are your on call computer IT department for both home and office users. With 24 years of experience there aren’t many problems I haven’t faced and resolved.

Quality Computer Services
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